New LV Purchase with B-Day Money...

  1. So yeah... I finally have time to get on PF before I go to work...

    I just got back from LV... I was deciding between this and a Groom Porte Monnaie Rond... I'll go back for that in a few weeks... in the mean time... y'all wanna guess what I got while I take more pics? :graucho:


  2. :yes: You are such a tease!
  3. wow, this suspense is not healthy.... is it some type of clothing or like a wallet???
  4. scarf??
  5. Dragging it out like this will only make you late for work....
  6. and you wouldn't want that to happen, now would you?

    Congrats whatever it is!!!
  7. Did you get the hat? Happy B-Day to you!:flowers:

  8. I was thinking the hat too, but couldn't tell if the box was big enough. :P
  9. Indeed I got the hat... I freakin' love it!!! Here are the rest of the pics... but yeah. I gotta go. I'm not even dressed yet. :Push: Oh yeah. I snapped a quick pic of me with it on. ;)



  10. Nice hat! It looks great on you. Congrats! :smile:
  11. look great. Congrats! :yahoo:
  12. Congrats! you look good with it!
  13. Aawww... nice!!! I likey it!!
  14. Very cute hat! It looks wonderful on you!
  15. Loves It! :heart: