New LV Perforated Pochette

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  1. I just got the new pochette today from Eluxury. I was just curious at first, thinking I could always return it or sell it on Ebay. But.... I don't know- I'm thinking it's kinda cute!!! :lol:

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  2. Is it transparent all the way through?? I'm thinking about purchasing a speedy 30 (fuschia)....but I havent seen one in person...should I buy it?
    Maybe you could take another pic of it...if I'm not asking for too much...there is a really bad glare on that pic

    They look really good online....
  3. Also, a really dumb can I attach a pic as a thumbnail?
  4. Woah that was quick!

    I think the pochette is the nicest item in the perforation collection and if the little holes was backed by the color as well, I would have definitely considered getting it.

    I like the lock detail on the front!
  5. I have the speedy 30 in Fushcia and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! I had to go out last night just to carry it. I got loads of compliments. It really is wonderful I LOVE LOVE LOVE the size, and the detail on the outside of the bag is so nice. Its a great bag...I do not think I would like it so much if I was not in such summer weather 24/7. It is a great summer bag. I also got the cles in orange ...just so damn cute. ( wondering why the cles was not made in the pink???)
  6. I think the pochette is really cute in the perforated style. Congrats... such a great buy!!
  7. I saw the perforated speedy for the first time tonight and I have to say that my mind is changed about it. I really like the decorative lock, and the lining is just beautiful! :biggrin:
  8. I think the perforated pochette is a good item to add to your collection .. the speedy is cute but the only issue I had was due to the amount of holes in it people would be able to see the contents of the bag:nuts: even my SA thought that and also what happens if it rains???
  9. I'm soo glad to finally find someone who absolutely adores this bag just as much as I do! I posted a thread asking for some opinions and everyone just about hated it....I'm thinking of buying one as soon as it becomes available through e-lux. :love:
  10. I'm glad you changed your mind about this collection, girlie. :nuts:
  11. You call the 866- vuitton number....they will find one for you and send it the next day! Or my SA lady in West plam beach would send one your way..if you want her number please let me know!

  12. Me too :biggrin: The lining made me change my mind, I'm a sucker for a beautiful lining!
  13. i love it .. I will get a speedy 30 at one point in either green or fuchsia
  14. Just wait til this bag is no longer available- then everyone will be wanting it! :biggrin:

    I thought the cherry blossom bags were weird looking when they first came out but then when they were sold out and impossible to find- I decided I wanted one.. go figure. :lol: