New LV Mono Carryall, anyone have it?

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  1. Lord I love this thing :P . Does anyone have it yet? If so thoughts, what are you using it for?
  2. I have one and I absolutely love it. I use it as a gym bag primarily. I will use it with my other travel pieces.
  3. Thanks susu1!
  4. Sure no problem!!! I hope you get one soon. Keep us posted.
  5. love it! it's such a great size.
  6. ^^Oh I did! Thank you Darienlim!
  7. Do you guys think I should get this or SO a Cabas Alto in Damier for short travel trips?
  8. My opinion, this is the best carry-on! It's like Speedy 40 but it holds lot of stuff in it. Else, get the Alize 24 Heures. Those are my favorite carry-on to date.


    P.S. The carryall fits perfectly in front under the seats in the plane. I've done it last weekend for the first time.
  9. ^^ Wow you're helpful Thank you!!
  10. Hehe. I love it and so obsessed with this bag! Trust me, you will be pleased when you get it too. :P

  11. i love this bag too. i am coveting it in red leather- have you seen it?
  12. How much does this run? Its gorgeous!
  13. the mono carryall is $990; the leather in red/blue/yellow is $1850
  14. The Mono is like $925 or so, definitely under a grand, a great deal I think! ^^ Oh 990 thanks Pursedoc, it's on Elux periodically!