New LV Manhattan with cracked canvas...!!!

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  1. Hi All,

    I was so happy when I was finally able to get this beautiful Manhattan bag. Even though they said LV needs 14 days to confirm the order and probably the order may get cancelled I received it just now. It’s such a beautiful bag and I really need this. How ever I see cracks in the canvas in the sides of the opening flap. Am not sure if this is how it is designed or it is just a crack. Can any of the owners of this bag confirm me on this. Thanks a lot in advance...!!!

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  2. Awe man!! Thats terrible how did it come brand new like this????. :annoyed: Although I do not own this bag those cracks ( especially the last picture) looks exactly like the ones I had occur on my Pochette Metis in the exact same location. The bag is a beauty but I would return.
  3. I think that happens when people are too rough with the flap. Isn’t this an issue with the Pochette Métis too? I have a 20 year old bag that has a shallower crack similar to that, but it’s 20 years old.
    Take it back.
  4. Yes it came like this. Infact I just receive it half an hour before. I just noticed this while I was checking the bag. It’s definitely a beautiful bag. Feeling so sad to return it. It’s almost not available either in the store or online. So dono if I can ever get one
  5. In my opinion this is going to get way worse. Maybe you can have your SA order you a new one and hold onto this one until it comes. Thats what my SA did with my replacement Pochette Metis
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  6. Return, return back to the store. Do a search and find out if this bag had quality issues of cracking. At this point L.V. needs to step up their game on quality issues and stop recycling bags back out as new with flaws.
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  7. So just return it.
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  8. I have this exact bag - same color & I love it! I had to order it twice. The 1st time it came it was missing the shoulder strap so I had to return the whole bag. It did have cracks by the flap as shown in your pic. The second time - strap was there as it should be & there was still Very slight cracking at the fold, but better than the 1st. I kept it. It has not gotten worse with use & I’ve had it about a year & a half now. Still looks brand new & it’s one of my faves. If you look through the clubhouse there’s more info there. It was/is a known issue.
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  9. I don't mean to troll. It's an honest question:

    Can someone please highlight the cracks in one of those pictures for me?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,
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  10. Here you go, one side is very visible, the other is slightly better. But both the sides cracking is there.

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  11. Thanks every one. I just called the client services and will send it back... Hopefully I can get a replacement with no cracks.
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  12. Thank you. I do see the crack is big one side. I also thought to keep it when I saw a small crack one side but then the other side crack is quite obvious. Do you use the bag regularly? And hows ur feeling after using it for more than an year. I love this bag and hopefully can get a replacement.
  13. Now I see them. Thank you very much! Would bother me too on a new bag.

    Glad you can return and hopefully will receive one without these cracks in return!

    Kind regards,
  14. Thanks every one. I noticed the date code just now and it is DR4177 which means it be as made in 2017. Am relatively new to LV but my bags till now we’re made just few months before my purchase. I have never got some thing which was made few months before. Can some one enlighten me on how this works. Am
    Just wondering that may be the replacement would be the same. Is it ok to buy if this is the case?
  15. I thought this was discontinued a while ago. It’s not available on the US site anymore.
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