New LV Launches

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  1. How do you all find out about what is coming out new from Louis? I never find out until I hit a board. Is there sneak peak sites to go to? Hell, my SA won't tell me things like that! I should KNOW when Im just about to drop grand, so I can save up and not just pull it from my rent money!:angel:
  2. A magician never reveals his secrets... :sneaky:
  3. Hahahaha. :roflmfao:
  4. John, Michelle, Matt and Rebecca are the experts!
  5. I am very close to my SA, and he'll tell me when a price increase is coming. He'll also show me the look book and pictures of things that are going to be coming out.

    Just get real friendly with an SA, always buy from them only, and they'll spill!
  6. Sounds like it's time to get a new SA! LOL
  7. Yep...that's the way! Chat them up...they will spill...what's popular and selling well...etc.
  8. Lol MiroirPrincess. Thanks *blushes*
    Anyway, definitely become friendly with your SA..or if they don't seem to want to be friendly, find one who is. Some are all business and some are willing to be helpful and around for a friendly one hehe.
  9. Poof.