new LV keychains for celebrating new store opening in Beijing

  1. (Extracted from Hong Kong newspaper)

    CNY 4,400 (~USD589)

    coin bag
    available in White and Black
    CNY 9,500 (~USD 1,265)

    They are cute... but way too stiff IMO :tdown:
  2. Sweet! I want the Lockit keychain!
  3. the tiny Alzer and hatbox are very cute! :nuts:
  4. Thanks for sharing.

    All of them are cute. :girlsigh:
  5. Love the Lockit one.. is it attached to that little VW? Can't tell from the pics. Love too that the cases open and shut. :amuse:
  6. omg... :sad:

    I would DIE if I managed to get one of those.... they're too cute.!
  7. I LOVE the hatbox....are these the charms released in Nov/Dec???
  8. LVoe them all !
  9. thanks for sharing the great pictures and lovely items
  10. I don't think they are to celebrate a new store usually only the store actually gets them if that is the case but these they are a general release all stores should be getting them sometime next month, the mini lockits are pretty rare though
  11. Very cute!
  12. I want everything except the car! :nuts:
  13. Oh My Goodness .... I am absolutely in LOVE with these.


    BUT .... $589!?

    Yikes, thats quite a lot for a keychain. :push:
  14. Oh, how ADORABLE!!!!!!
  15. So cute!