New LV Items On e-LUXURY

  1. They are all so nice i really like the mini lin noe.
  2. I wish the mini lin noe comes with petit one
  3. Oh, the noe's nice.....:love:
  4. me too!:yes:
  5. love the mini lin coin purse
  6. mini lin NOE! yayyyyyyyyyy!
  7. i love mini lin noe :drool:
  8. Whoa a Noe in Mini Lin... Wow thats the first piece in this line I may actually be interested in! Soft material with no vachetta! :yahoo:
  9. Finally!! something new for me to look at when I check the new arrivals section each day!! yay!!
  10. Oohhh ... love the Epi Noe in Dune :love:
  11. Thanx for info, i like new mini lin ronde.
  12. here is the Bucket


  13. Ohhh I do love the Mini Lin Noe...too bad the drawstring seems too much of a pain for me!
  14. OMG!!! Mini Lin Noe is TDF!!! :drool: