New LV @ Holt's

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  1. Hey, for all the Vancouverites/visitors to Vancouver:

    I went to the Holt Renfrew grand re-opening today and of course I checked out the new LV counter. It's pretty big, I can't even say it's a "counter" anymore, more like a very narrow (widthwise) store! It's quite spread-out though, with 3 different sections. I saw a Cloud bag (the Nimbus, I believe), some denim bags and I actually saw one Azur Speedy 25! It was my first time seeing one IRL. I also saw a woman trying on the Ursula and Rita in white MC. They also have women's and men's shoes! If anyone is around the area, go and check it out, it's really nice. I'm still getting used to it, but it's definitely a sight to behold!
  2. I went today too! it's very nice. I got sweet monogram hoops in gold.
  3. OH MY GOSH!! I went to PC today and didn't even notice! AHHH!! Why am I so stupid?? Does anyone know if the Damier Azur Speedy 25 was already sold??
  4. :nuts:

    Was Jeffrey there?

    Was the Azur on display?

    Is the LV counter in the same place or am I going to get lost there? :P
  5. Yes, Jeffrey was there. I think he helped me. All of the SA's from the old LV are there and possibly some new ones (or else they were all there at once). Yes, the Azur was on display. The new Holt's is set up the same way as the old one (though it's MASSIVE) so the women's accessories and make-up are still located on the main floor. You'll have no trouble finding LV! It's big and bright.
  6. Ooh, Jeffrey rocks my socks! :nuts: What did you buy?

    Thats neat that the Azur 25 was on display...because when I was there last week, there was still a waitlist for the Azur Speedys!

    I'll probably buy from Holt instead of the Boutique for my next purchase then! :nuts::wlae:
  7. I can't believe it but I didn't buy anything, probably because I just got a bunch of stuff on Tuesday. I'm now looking for a bigger bag charm for keys and change. I tried the pomme cles but they were too small for my car keys and I wasn't in love with the denim. What to do?
  8. I was just there...hated it. :crybaby:

    I didn't see any Azur Speedys on display though. Only the Saleya.
  9. Oooh!! I'm excited. From what I've heard, the new Holt's is amazing compared to the old one. I can hardly wait to go have a look.
  10. great news ! :P