New LV hat

  1. Just thought I would post the hat for those who are interested!:P $330, pricey, but I will use this ALOT!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. OMG! I would so totally use that hat! (Saves my highlights from sun damage!!)Where or where did you get it!!!??????????
  3. ooooh i want that too if it would fit on my big head it's sooo cute and i've been looking for a nice hat :yes:
  4. Very cute hat Star!
  5. my favorite it
  6. Ohhhh cute! Makes a nice change from scarves for avoiding sun.
  7. LV in BH, they have 2 left in pink!
  8. Hey Star- Can you Pm me their # if you have it?
  9. It's so cute, Star! :heart:
  10. LOVE that, it's so cute!
  11. SO CUTE!!!:love:
  12. Thanks everyone!:P Jill, done!
  13. what a cute summer hat star!!
  14. Congrats! Tres chic.
  15. Aw thats lovely! I saw this hat a month ago, and thought it was cute.
    A little pricey. Wish I could afford it, would look so good with my pink Trapeze GM.
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