new LV for me!!

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  1. I bought a red epi planner/agenda/diary..tonight it's so I just have to find a thin enough pencil to fit in it..there was no way I was gonna buy one of those LV pens..way too much money!! IMO
    I almost bought birth of modern luxury but I decided to wait til later in the month so I have a reason to go back and try more things looked fab now I have 4 LV items all purchased since Jan.9th,2006..:shame: I also bought a really nice new wallet..its not a "name"..but it has a bunch of card holders and its really cute!
  2. Congrats! Red is a great color for the Epi line. I can't wait to get my Vernis agenda, I hope it comes today.
  3. I believe there are some Tiffany's pens that are cheaper and can fit in that little space. And they're much nicer !
  4. Congrats!! We're all getting agendas!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I love the red epi, it's been one of my contenders :love:
  5. Yea on your new agenda! What size is it? I have a black epi small agenda, which I love! I think has reasonably priced pens....
  6. u r so happy,
  7. I got the small one..I like for my planner to fit in my purse and not be too's really pretty..I'm surprised I like it (red is not usually my thing) my daughter was trying to get me to get the panda..she thought it was soooo cute...I couldn't imagine having that jostling around in my bag for fear that the panda would start to rub off and I'd be so mad:mad: Everyone here kept saying how the epi is so durable and gets softer with age so I decided to take the plunge..:love:
  8. Congrats!! I had the same issue with finding a pen that would fit because when I purchased it, "large" pens were "in" at some local pen shops. I ended up using a Parker Ballpoint pen that I found at Staples for about $6. Over time though, it does give a bit.