New LV Fleurs de Turquoise Necklace

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  1. Hi. I saw this necklace in Shop Etc. magazine but unfortunately I dont have the picture of it online. If anyone can get a hold of that magazine, turn to page 40 of the May 2006 Issue and tell me if you think its worth buying. :biggrin: Thanks
  2. Yes! I was blown away by that necklace when I saw it in Shop Etc., I think that it's stunning and versatile and you'll never get tired of it! :smile:
  3. Is there any way you could scan the page or take a pic of the page?
  4. I agree .. would love to see a photo:biggrin:
  5. sure. ill try. its really lovely.
  6. Okay here are my best pictures. lolz im not so skilled in picture taking. :sad2: but hope these pics help.
    3.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  7. Wow! I love it! What is the price?
  8. It says $700 in the magazine pics that virgo and designerbags scanned for us
  9. Thank you! I am drooling over it. :nuts:
  10. its so pretty. i love the colour
  11. I like the color too. I'll have to get this magazine
  12. That's cute!
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