New LV flag shop in Singapore

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  1. the new flag shop oped in Singapore in the new ION ORCHARD shopping center.
    i took some photos for you to enjoy.:biggrin:

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  2. beautiful photos! I didn't have a chance to go in yet... the queue is always long! guess my timing is wrong
  3. Hi
    yes the queue is always long. i just enjoy looking at it from outside.
    The new place is really beautiful.
  4. yay...will be there on the 28th July...can't wait to visit the LV :yahoo:
  5. Hi ima1. Thanks for the photos. I once lived in Singapore for few years and heard from friends who's still living there about the new mall - ION ORCHARD - where the new LV boutique is!! I would like to visit Singapore again soon...and step into this LV boutique!! Cheers!!
  6. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  7. good morning from Singapore/I on orchard going to be the tallke of the regent i think. LV is right in the front facing CK TANG.
    Welcome to singapore back i am sure you will find it so different from th e time you where here.
    Singapore is like a Lady or good wine just getting batter...:smile:
  8. You welcome.:smile:
  9. nice picture....i love how they have such great architectural design for all the stores in Asia but here in Canada it looks like **** and the service is horrible.
  10. My hubby and I are now in Sg. Yes! The LV ION is beautiful. The sales assistants were all very polite and helpful when we were there. We brought my Mom there for her 60th birthday present and the girls were so nice to her. :biggrin:
    Thanks ima1 for the pictures. I guess should take a few myself before we leave.
  11. great to heare that.
    Enjoy your stay in Singapore.
    happy Bday to your mum.:biggrin:
  12. what a nice gift for Mom.
    Enjoyed these pics of LV ION