New LV Face for Fall/Winter 2007-2008 ?

  1. Christina Ricci....
    LV photoshoot of Fall/Winter 2007-2008 bag
  2. no, this was from F/W 2004 :yes:
  3. thanks.. i thought not, looks scary... lol
  4. It looks really good, but I guess LV adds almost always do. Will they continue using scarlet next season?
  5. Like the shoes on her :nuts:
  6. Ohhh I like that picture. She looks great.
  7. Those shoes are HOT!

    Something about red is so sexy on shoes. :tup:

  8. WHAAAT? I love the 04 F/W ads; I think they were the best! Anyway, LV is using Scarlett (sp?) again for the F/W ads. :yes:
  9. Love this the Balmorals even more!
  10. I thought I had seen that before!

  11. No kidding :P
  12. I loved the christina ricci ad's
  13. Ah ok, thank you! ^_^
  14. The beautiful Scarlet
    wearing Louisette Hair Pin, Earrings and Ring!
    She is wearing an LV dress as well.
    Into+Gossip.jpg 1.jpg
  15. oh, i like that!even tho its from a few years ago...