New LV clutch????

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  1. I am not sure if anyone has seen this already...but it seems that LV has a new item...kind of cute....what do you think?? It's called the Lagoon Clutch.

  2. super cute! It reminds me of the mini ellipse, though, in that it's a pricy for just an add on. you could almost buy a Speedy for that much. It is way cute.
  3. That is cute- I like wristlets b/c you can wear them alone or use them inside your purse.

    How much is it? (i'm assuming its expensive b/c of the koala clasp) :biggrin:
  4. Yeah, the price is a bit much... but I actually might consider it. But it will be a toss with the Koala wallet which I am also thinking of getting.
  5. It's $515....Damn
  6. Wow. V. expensive, but so cute.
  7. Aww.. I love it so much, it's much more practical looking than the wapity as a clutch !
  8. I like that as a clutch. $515 isn't too bad.
  9. i think it is if we're talking about a teeny tiny clutch. damn, i really would have bought it.
  10. Wristlets are my absolute favorite accessory but this price is alittle over the top. I would purchase a speedy!
  11. For that kind of money I think you could make a better investment, but that's JMO.