New LV Charms Line

  1. Hmm, not my cup of tea but I can see how it would be cute for summer.
  2. I really like the Cles and the Port Monnaie for short term use but think I'd get sick of the pattern after a year or so. They do remind me of Gucci style.
  3. I love LV, but this line is not for me.
  4. no thanks.
  5. the cles is really cute!

  6. I like the Cles and the Plate (Like the lock on the Plate) definately getting something. Alot of color choices. I think they would look good coming out of a mono bag.

  7. I love the pochette esp in the white
  8. I'm going to get the Pochette and the Cles. I love this line.
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. Here are the CAD prices:
    $395 Pochette Cles
    $535 Pochette Plate
    $775 Accessories Pochette
  11. no thanks!
  12. I like the look of the cles, plate & pochette.
  13. Does anyone know the price of the sac fermoir from this line?
  14. i like the plate but not for that price :wacko: