New LV Bucket With Charms

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  1. It think this is amazing bag with a lot of potential, what do you think?

  2. Not really big fan...too corny for me.
  3. This bag is in another thread somewhere. The majority don't like it. :yucky:
  4. I loved it "in action" on the runway, but I don't know if I could swing this in real life. The fringe doesn't look as cool when it's sitting still. Also, I think it's very expensive for a bag that's so trendy (will it be in style next year?) Still, a very adorable bag, but not quite my style.
  5. hate it..
  6. Every one has a right to their own views. What about the regular bucket do you like that?
  7. Regular bucket with no fringe will be cute...are you Marc Jacobs ??kidding :graucho:
  8. Don't really like it that much. Just too much going on on the bag.
  9. The fringe thing is not looking very nice.
  10. I think I'm pretty safe here..
  11. To Retro Chic for me :P
  12. Agreed.

    And maybe if the charms didn't look so tacky... :yes:
  13. Sorry.. I'm not a huge fan

    The bag looks cluttered and out of control..
  14. Hmmmmmm.... not a personal favorite but that's just me. But if you like it - I say go for it!
  15. [​IMG] thats what I think :sick: :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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