New LV Boutique!!

  1. A new LV boutique has opened in my home city this week and I visited for the first time yesterday!!

    I was so excited and I purchased a black monogram shawl, that I love so much and have wanted for ages!! I wrapped it around me immediatly when I got out of the store!

    They had the most gorgeous trunks in the windows!!

    The stores not that big, but its great to finally have one on my doorstep, I usually have to travel 40miles to my nearest store and thats only small too, its 200miles to London for a large store!!

    So many people were walking around with new LV bags, I used to walk around with my LV bags and get admiring looks because not many people had authentic bags, but now everyones going to have them, lol!!

    My fiancee is just a bit worried now that my LV spending is going to get even crazier now that I can visit everyday!!
  2. You are very lucky to have a store close to you. Enjoy it.
  3. I would be worried for your DH as well! lol
  4. aw, I wish I had an LV where i live- the closest one is an 1 1/2 away in San Francisco :crybaby:
  5. Please post a pic of yourself wearing your new monogram shawl...please, please! I'm thinking about getting one...but I know it's quite large and I don't know if it would work only as a shawl but not a scarf....
  6. I wish there was store near me too. The closest one is three hours away, so I always end up ordering from Elux. I don't mind ordering from them, but it would still be nice to have a nearby store. :hysteric:
  7. LOLOLOL! Awwww. Godo for you.
  8. ohhhh, how exciting for you. I saw pictures of the shawl on another thread--soooo pretty! show us yours when you get a chance.
  9. congrats on your shawl! i am going to check it out when i go to toronto LV next weekend yay!
  10. Lucky you!
  11. *jaw drops* OMG, you're in Leeds too???!! I can't believe it - welcome!!
  12. That is really cool! Imagine, how much you will spend now!???? Enjoy your shawl, please post pics!
  13. what's the Leeds store like?
  14. it's quite small, do you know leeds at all? It's oppposite Kookai if you do!

    it's bigger than the manchester store thats within Selfridges though.
  15. How exciting it must be for you! Hoorrah!!!