New LV Boutique at Nordstrom!!

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  1. I got the Fall Designer book and nearly fainted when I saw a vernis Alma featured. I got on the phone to find out which Nordstrom got the boutique. It's in Chicago. I thought you all might like to know this.
  2. Ooh... I got the fall Designer book too. LV at Nordstrom's? I thought.... wow...

    Thanks for the info!
  3. That's cool.
  4. Grr, I knew this would be in the East Coast! I'm jealous. :sad:
  5. Awesome, I hope Nordies in Cal gets LV
  6. I loooove the Nordstrom LV boutique. I stopped in yesterday after work just to browse and the SA's are so nice. Although, I usually shop the flagship store on Michigan Ave, or the Saks boutique...but I will probably make my next purchase at the Nordstrom boutique very soon:graucho:
    For now, I should just relax and enjoy my new Neverfull but I am already thinking of my next purchase :nuts:
  7. the nordstrom in ma also has louis vuitton
  8. oooh good to know! thank you!
  9. That's so cool...I hope we get one here :tup:. As it is now I have to go pretty far to get to a LV :crybaby:
  10. Really?Which one? That's great.
    Not that we live there, but I know there are two new Nordstroms in MA.
  11. Ohhhh yay!!! can't wait to check it out!!!!!
  12. Wow! that's great! Now I hope we get one in Atlanta suburb Nordstrom too! :drool:
  13. I know!! I hope so too. We could totally use one!