New LV Bags

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  1. Ok...I don't know about you all...but that shiny metallic is absolutely the hottest thing I have seen in years. I have not usually been one for the metallic thing (because it is usually a brushed or dull look), but that shiny silver is beautiful.
    (I know I am not using the highly technical terms for all of this...but you get the point)
    HOT, HOT, HOT!
  2. loves it.... loves it, loves it... !!!!
  3. I like the enlarged white multicolore bag, the metallic alma, and that light beige-coloured speedy (is it leather?) with the black (leather?) bottom.
  4. Very bold and solid pieces coming this season!

    I dunno how I feel about it yet! The metallic are really aluminum.

    Also love the multicolor oversize bag, hoping its not made of real fur. =(
  5. wow that's the best i've ever seen LV. finally, something i really like! now the next question is, how much?
  6. There're several bags there that I like. I also wonder when prices will come out...........I should have stock in LVMH at this point..... (headshake and eyeroll.......)
  7. Really liking this one.
  8. Oh me too!!! that one is my favorite and I love the animal print ones too! I'm sure they will be priced sky high!!!!! i wish they would be comparble to the regular lines!!!

    The fur ones with multi color are hideous!!
  9. I want the silver speedy. I know they have the metallic papillon too.

  10. LOL, I like the fur one with the multicolore - I would carry this hideous bag with pride! :biggrin:
  11. yum yum YUM! well except for the furry one and the animal print ones...just not me i guess!:biggrin:
  12. I'll have to see them in person!!!
  13. i want the metallic speedy soooooo bad *cry*
  14. The metallic bags are certainly welcome, but I'm not so sure about the mixed media (the animal spots!!) bags.. or the furry bags. The fur would be more appropriate as say, a cat bed.