New LV Bags???

  1. Hi!
    I hope someone can help me. In the last issue of "Harpers Bazaar" (the cover shows Lindsay Lohan) I fell in love with two new LV Bags that I saw in them. I assume they are from the new fall collection. They are pochette accessoires but in Gold or Silver. The name is something like Louis Vuitton Mirror?!?! They have an Alma and a Speedy with the Monogram inprinted in this mirror surface. But there is a pochette in the mirror material too (without the monogram; the front says Louis Vuitton and something with Champs d'Elisse).

    Does anybody know when these bags will hit the stores? I assume in fall but I would like some expert opinions here ;)

    Thanks for your answers

    Bye bye
  2. Called the Mirior collection, comes out this f/w. Prices are similar to the Perforated line that is out now.
  3. They are saying the release date for those is December. Mirror line is quite nice. Can't wait to see it IRL!!!:nuts:
    00060m.jpg 00090m.jpg 00300m.jpg 00330m.jpg LV[1].mirror.pochette.JPG
  4. Exactly those are the ones... you guys are angels. I am really anxious to see them IRL too... I will probably buy one in silver... maybe even in gold, too ;) So they will hit stores in September, you think?

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Sorry just saw that the date is expected december... uups... oh well

    Thanks anyway
  6. Spoke with a SA a coupleof days ago and he said it's supposed to be October, but their launch dates are usually delayed, so probably November.
  7. Reps @ 866-VUITTON seem to think it's December.:nuts:
  8. Hmm, I can't wait to see one IRL too... Wonder if it will be a bit too flashy for me :shame: and whether it will be durable enough or hard to take care like the vernis line... :shrugs:
  9. Are they leather? I read somewhere else that they are PWC... I was in Hamburg yesterday and the SA (although it took her a while to know what I was talking about :shrugs: ) and she asked her supervisor and he said december, too. They are going to be a limited edition, so we should get on a waiting list, ladies :lol:
  10. They are made from PVC.
  11. Ummm, the metallic speedy is a bit too birthday 'mylar baloon' for me, but the smaller accessories would really look cute with the MC line!! The mirror finish accessories hanging from a MC tote would be cute!
  12. cost over 1000 bucks. i put the exact amont on a post at the speedy club.
  13. do you guys know what (mirror) accesories will be coming out too? pics? cuz I wanna save for another bag, but still wanna get some smaller item from this collection......
  14. I'm lovin' this new line more and more! Can't wait to see IRL.
  15. My SA said December too. He put my name on a waiting list for a speedy and pochette. The August issue of Elle Magazine with Keira Knightley on the cover has a nice photo of the silver Speedy featured under the Silver Belles article. It says Miroir monogram bag: $1,140.