New Lv bags?

  1. Ok, so I'm kinda new to tPF still :shame: And this may sound like a stupid question, but I've tried to find the new LV bags that are being released [Thunder, Marina, Cruise Speedy, etc] & I can't find any pics. Would anyone be kind enough to post some pics or point me to the way of the bags? Thanks everyone:heart::flowers:
  2. have you tried a search?
  3. Yes but its not helping me, or I am not doing it right! lol. Help :lecture:
  4. OH I have a question as well.


    I can't find it anywhere in the forum.
  5. The quickest way to get what you need is to check out my signature (Below)

    The summary thread is HUGE! if you want a quick eye candy hit click the words underlined in my sig TImeline shows you all bags of the season, October shows you October releases and November next months releases.

    Purse Lover - There are no pics of the MC griet in circulation yet
    The Spring Summer thread is already running but there is no info yet