New LV bags with plastics aren't permitted to sell?!

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  1. Today I was at the LV store in Zürich. I wanted to exchange my Speedy 40 for a 35. I always ask the SA for a brand new bag with all the plastics on it, because I don't want a bag which is already touched from lot of people.

    So I asked the SA for such a new bag and she laughs and says that it's not permitted from Louis Vuitton to give a bag with those plastics on.
    I was like...what?! I always got bags like this, also the Speedy 40 in Lugano!

    I tried a Deauville and it was really not brand new, it had scratches and the patina dark! And the SA told me that all the bags in the LV store are brand new, even those on display...I don't think so, especially when some of them have already built patina!

    When I gave the Speedy 40 to her, she told the other SA: "OMG look what they do in Lugano, so stupid SAs...pah"

    Did you know that this is not permitted? And don't you ask for a bag which has the plastics on it?
  2. I wish I would be able to purchase a LV bag with the plastic and seal on it.
    Sadly, I'm always told that the LV bag I'm shown to and wanted to buy have already
    scratches/marks/dirt? on the leather or hardware. They are tiny but noticeable to tell that they have been handled or a return. I also get the "that's the only one" we have.
    I also asked about a brand new bag with the plastic on and was told that LV SA's are instructed to remove those as it doesn't look luxurious.
  3. I never heard that it isn't permitted, when I got my bag it had the plastic on and the SA asked if I wanted her to take off.
  4. When I just asked about few messenger bags in Vienna SA cut plastic from straps from all of them before giving them to me... So maybe it depends on store?
  5. They are not suppose to leave the plastic on when selling a bag, that is LV policy...but they should be able to give you a new one (if there is one in stock) and cut the plastic off in front of you.

    If you have a good relationship with your SA many times they will ask you if your would rather leave the plastic on...but if they don't know you, most of the time they will not risk getting in trouble.
  6. my SA usually removes all the plastics when i purchase bags, but leaves on the stickers that protect clasps and zippers. i think i'd prefer it that way cause i'd be afraid of miscutting the plastic (i am that clumsy) and putting a slice in that lovely vachetta lol.
  7. When I got my Azur, the plastic was left on. It was the last one left aside from the display. I was in Maui on vacation.
  8. Well, I suppose it depends on the interpretation of "brand new". In the broadest sense, all bags in the store would be considered "brand new" as they have not been purchased or used by anyone. However, as a matter of quality control, I think the store should exercise discretion and refrain from selling to customers bags which have developed dark patina or have been displayed for quite some time, especially, the vernis range which would look quite different after constant exposure to sun. :yucky:

    During the worldwide shortage period 2 - 3 months back, I was trying desperately to get a Sunset Boulevard in pomme. Even though there was a piece on display, my local store simply refused to sell it to me with good reasons provided. That to me is good business etiqutte :tup:
  9. then howcome when you buy from eluxury they ALWAYS send them with the plastic on? at least the 4 bags i bought from them did..
    and why is it against policy to leave plastic on?? whats so bad about it?
  10. The SAs I've had always remove the plastic before packaging the bags. I think they are told to do so.
  11. when i bought my tivoli (1st LV) the SA gave me a new one but he removed the plastic for me as well, the plastic for the zip is left on though.
  12. They asked me if I wanted the plastic left on my Miroir Lockit, and I said yes. It's YOUR bag after you buy it, I don't know what difference it makes.
  13. I have had the speedy sent to me with plastic on before. I think it might just be your store and a few others. Also in my store they don't sell store display bags because they have begun to patina, they simply won't allow it even if you want the display bag, they rather get you a brand new one.
  14. LV policy to remove all protective coverings before a sale. If you have a great relationship with your SA. They will bring you a fresh bag from stock and remove all the plastic in front of you.
  15. i know eluxury leaves the plastic on still, but then again they only sell to the states so maybe that won't help your situation.