New LV Bags, have you seen this...

  1. Hi! Just wanted to share these, Im not sure if you guys have seen these already...A good friend emailed them to me:flowers:
    00020m.jpg 00100m.jpg

    00110m.jpg 00130m.jpg

    00200m.jpg 00210m.jpg

    00260m.jpg 00280m.jpg

    00330m.jpg 00430m.jpg
  2. I am loving this one!!!!
  3. Same here:girlsigh:
  4. Gorgeous bags..Mizi vienna, Klara, chincilia (sp)..Some ladies in here have this bags..
  5. I love the red one on top!!
  6. I love the quilted look - thanks for posting the pics!
  7. umm those are from fall/winter 05
  8. Are they really? I don´t think I´ve ever seen some of these:shrugs:
  9. really??? i havent seen any of these....Can anyone else confirm:confused1:
  10. Yes, they are F/W '05 :yes:
  11. i'll confirm ;) these are from last year :yes:
  12. ^^ Yup, I was just thinking that. Beautiful pictures tho'.
  13. Oh, sorry guys.....I got too excited i guess:noggin:
  14. Don't be sorry! The pics are BEAUTIFUL and we never get tired of looking at bags!!!:graucho:
  15. :love: Mizi