New Lv Bag????tulum Gm??

  1. :idea: Has anyone seen this bag before..its in my shopping cart at ELUXURY and I am about to be REALLY BAD and buy it!.....LOL!!
    Let me know what you all think of this,THANKS!!!!(TULUM GM!!???YUM!)
  2. I like it. What are the dimensions?
  3. It is very cute!! Do you think you will be able to fit much in it?
  4. I like it.. can you wear it cross over the body like messenger bag? How big it is?
  5. Its got big measurements and is 5 inches wide!Will check now on exact size...ooooohhh! Im gonna be in trouble with the hubby! LOL!
  6. oh crud..cant get measurements,[​IMG] HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!!!
  7. Very cute. You will be in big trouble with your hubby!!! Are you getting it?
  8. It is calling me..........!!!!!!and I just bought the Green Baggy Gm...ooohhhhh......stay tuned...LOL!
  9. Aww.. the little pouch is too cute !
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonTulum GM$1,280.00
    Named after the beautiful Mayan city in Mexico, Louis Vuitton's Tulum GM infuses modernity into the line by using a new, extremely supple version of the Monogram canvas. Thanks to the adjustable, natural cowhide shoulder strap, the elegantly shaped hobo can easily be worn across the body.
    • Supple monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim
    • Golden brass hardware
    • Zip top closure
    • Adjustable, natural cowhide shoulder strap for easy cross-body wear
    • Front flap pocket with historic twist-lock detail
    • Textile lining with interior pocket
    • 13.4" x 11" x 5.5"
  11. that is a nice bag! i like the fact that you can wear it cross body! you know you'll get use out of it! i say go for it! haha
  12. I just love it!!!!
    (another one for the wish list :biggrin: even though I'm more a Damier girl)
  13. I need an intervention!! LOL! you guys are NO HELP!!!!!
  14. DARLING! Its a great shape...DO IT!! say its from the Eater Bunny.
  15. Yes, I've seen this bag - it was mentioned on another thread on this forum a couple of weeks ago. One member said she didn't like the name "Tulum" because she thought it sounded like a stomach ache medicine (or something along those lines), lol. I like the style, but since I already have the Croissant GM, the Tulum would look a tad similar (shape-wise) to my bag.