New LV bag just for influencers?

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  1. Hi all - I came across a bag on Instagram the other day, and tried to find it on the LV website to no avail. However, since then I have seen the bag carried on other influencers.. I wonder if this is an exclusive for them? Does anyone have info? Looks like a combination of pochettes.

    Here is a pic:
    Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 12.18.34 PM.png
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  2. This is the multi pochette. I believe it will be available on the 27th?? (I may have the date wrong)
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  3. There is thread for this and it has been nicknamed the scam bag.:lol:
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  5. I love that jacket more than the bag! :heart::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  6. Why is it nicknamed that?
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  7. I believe buying this set costs more than buying the comparable SLG's and strap separately, although the items available separately are a little different than what is in this set. Also it seems to be a ploy for people to buy more SLG's they might already own.
  8. Let’s see:
    Strap: Approximately $495
    PA $525 but I’ll say $545 since it’s different.
    Mini PA $310. Actually the new one is larger so let’s say $345
    Coin purse with hook. I’m going to have to say about $400 or more :smile:

    I think the MP is a good deal. :biggrin: It’s different.
  9. The jacket is stunning!
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  10. I know other lux brands like Dior sent out bags to influencers but didn’t know LV did. It’s somewhat annoying. Anyone know how it works? Is it just PR and gifted or are they paying them to wear and show on social media?
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  11. I read on another post it's around $1,550 for the set.
  12. It's 1550. I pre ordered it but have no idea why
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  13. FOMO
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  14. Hahaha!!!! This is the best answer! So relatable.
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  15. Thanks!