New LV as a reward for reaching a personal goal

  1. I have decided that I want the Damier Azur Pochette. But I just bought myself a mono speedy 25 last week, so I should probably hold off before I get another bag.

    Then I thought about how I have recently set some fitness goals for myself -- I would like to lose at least 5 or 6 pounds before the end of the year (it's a lot for me -- I am 5' 1"). It's good to have some kind of motivation, so I have decided that the pochette will be my reward for reaching this goal.

    Has anyone else done something like this in the pursuit of a new LV and a personal goal? I know some of you mentioned getting bags for yourselves at graduation, etc....
  2. Jane- I think that that is a great idea!

    I have not done this for myself yet since I am a full time student, but as soon as I graduate and start making my own money (and not using my SO's!!) I am planning on treating myself to a Saleya GM and maybe a Chanel classic flap:smile:
  3. Absolutely! Any goal I can use.... :P

    Seriously though, I just accepted a new job which is paying more money, so I get to have a new bag. But I can't reconcile getting a new bag yet, as the prices just went up and tax is 12.5% here in NZ. So, as soon as I have an overseas trip, I'm buying that bag! It probably won't be until next year though.
  4. I'm currently saving all of my change in a jar to hopefully buy myself/put it toward something in Paris next year after my graduation :yahoo:
  5. I do this almost everyday......:lol:

    My last LV sunglasses purchase was b/c I just made a good decision on a problem I was having....

    Its my reward for anything I feel proud of doing.....:shame:
  6. yes i do this to myself too. i had two promotions at work in the last 12 mths and i used these excuses to get two bags hahahaha.

    so why not. i use my bday and xams to buy myself things too. i think it's great so you dun feel the guilt at the same time. if you are seriously thinking of getting it, get it now before they put the price up.
  7. im just the same. i use bags to reward myself. but prolly too many times already.
  8. I think many of us are guilty of this. I bought a gucci bag 2 weeks ago and I said to myself that it's my reward for holding off a few weeks before I buy that bag just to make sure I really liked it.=)

    Did I make sense?
  9. I reward myself for not spending money...LOL
    I personally think it's a great idea Jane...then it seems like the focus is kind of taken off the purse and more focused on your goal!
  10. I think its a great idea to set a goal with a specific reward in mind, it keeps you motivated when the work toward the goal gets tough! :yahoo:
  11. Thats a great idea!so then when you buy dont feel bad because you did something for it :smile:
  12. Of course.. well, my mom did it for me. When I got into law school, that was my new Vuitton time, I bought my BH in Paris then ! :yes:
  13. If I get 83% or higher average on my midterm reports (in 3 weeks!) i'm buying the braided leather bracelet. :P
  14. Wonderful idea! We are all with you!:yes: .
  15. I told myself when I was losing weight to treat myself to LV but I would set a date to achieve it by, if I didnt than I had to wait until I reached that goal... ended up losing 100 LBS!!!!! yes 100!!!! so I STILL treat myself for that lol! its always my excause!