New LV and YSL Bags

  1. There's more photos in my showcase. Here's a couple of my new bags:

    YSL St. Tropez
    LV Damier Chelsea


  2. Love that YSL!
  3. Nice YSL! What colour does it come in?
  4. That Chelsea is crazy!!!!!! And that's a good thing, such a great work tote. I ended up choosing the Saleya MM, arrives tomorrow! YSL ain't too shabby either! I'm loving your recent selections addicted! What will be next?! :smile:
  5. There's two sizes: Large ($995) and Medium ($795) and I've seen Black and a creamy white. I think it did come in brown and tan too.

    The YSL in Vegas had black and white of the medium left. They are fabulous in person! I couldn't decide between the sizes. The medium I would end up using for evening. My SA convinced me on the large because I do tend to favor large bags. I'm in love:love: . What's new - I seem to love everything!
  6. I wish I had gotten the Chelsea to use as a diaper bag (which I can still) but I don't lug nearly as much stuff as I did in the beginning. I will definitely use it as a work tote and a travel bag.

    Well - I did get some Gucci's off of Bluefly. Let's see if I keep them. I know for sure I'll love one of them (it's a brown Guccissima tote).
  7. Oooh I really like the YSL, it's very unique and definitely stands out !
  9. Yes. The YSL is so sophisticated looking!
  10. I love the YSL! That St. Tropez is beautiful! So glad you got it. And the Chelsea will be GREAT for travel :smile:
  11. Very pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Love your St. Tropez, what size is it? :love: You've inspired me to use mine tonight!
  13. It's the large size! I LOVE it too! I'm thinking of the small white one now! :shame:
  14. oh i love the chelsea:love: its so multifunctional. I love it! how much does the chelsea go for???
  15. oooooo! I love the YSL!