new LV additions...

  1. So I finally took pics of my LV purchases this year. Took me long enough, I know. I just wanted to share with you all. Enjoy!

    1. Cerises Keepall
    2. Elektroshoks (i have already worn these to death!)
    3. Graffiti pochette and pocket agenda
    4. Perforated Plate Fuschia
    5. Azur Speedy 30 with fluers keychain
    lv-cerises-keepall2.jpg lv-elektroshok.jpg lv-graffiti-and-agenda.jpg perfo-plate.jpg azure-speedy.jpg
  2. I love all your purchases. You have wonderful taste!
  3. All nice things......and those sandals are HOT !!
    Are they comfy?
    Congrats on your growing collection!!
  4. nice collection!

    i have put all my purchases of this year in my signature and I guess there are more to come before the end of this year. I'm so addicted to LV now
  5. I love the Elektrochocs , I almost bought the turqouis ones!
    They are soooo comfy!
  6. I love the shoes, Im trying to get my hands on a pair.
  7. I love your cerises keepall!
  8. Congrats! You have beautoful pieces. That shoes is so funky.
  9. I love all your purchases! You have great taste :smile:
  10. I love those sandals! Nice purchases :tup:
  11. Congrats on your new additions. Love the keepall and azur speedy.
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Love everything... congrats!!!!
  14. I love the cerise keepall! I want one sooo bad! Congrats, you got some great pieces!
  15. Love them all! Congrats!!! :balloon: