New LV additions for my birthday

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  1. My DH bought bought these for my birthday! It's to make up not being able to celebrate it with me this year! :yes:

    Epi Ivory Lockit
    Mini Lin Manon MM
    MC Bandeau

    Just in time for the Chinese New Year too!

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  2. aww congrats! and happy birthday =)
  3. Happy birthday and congrats on such wonderful gifts from the DH! boy there seems to be lots of birthdays here lately...
  4. The LV mamager also prepared these complimentary gifts for us. Probably it's near to the Chinese New Year.

    I thought the envelopes look like CNY red packets, maybe we'll use some of them when giving out to relatives.

    Plus also a pack of Damier Graphite playing cards.

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  5. happy birthday
  6. congrats! they are beautiful!

    happy birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday and Congrats
  8. Great pieces and Happy B-day Wow - you should get your DH to never celebrate your b-day with you, think of all of the LV you could have - haha!!
    The Manon MM in ebene and the Epi lockit are my latest obessions and cannot wait to have them too in my collection (I already have the MC bandeau) - really great choices! Enjoy them!:tup:
  9. Your additions are beautiful!! I have to say I lovvve your EPI lockit, stunning!!! Happy Birthday!
  10. happy birthday!! the bandeau looks soooooo fabulous on your lockit!
  11. Your DH gave you some wonderful gifts. Happy birthday!
  12. Very nice!

    Congrats & Happy B'day!
  13. Happy birthday!!

    and congrats those bags are soo pretty
  14. congrats and happy birthday :smile:
  15. Congrats & happy Birthday!