New LV addict and asking for a favor...

  1. Hello Fellow LV obsessed!

    I'm Carrie, and so glad I stumbled apon this forum. I'm 22, sahm of a 10 month old and military wife, who just moved from the East coast of Florida, to the West Coast of Sunny Cali! My first LV was over 3 yrs ago the White Multi. Speedy, unfortunately, I was wearing a red dyed sweater a few yrs ago and the zipper area is now stained red!!! So now for Christmas Santa is most likely getting me the Manhattan GM, need something big enough to carry the baby nessessities too. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had this bag and would take some pics of it , front, back, bottom and inside. To make sure this is really what I want. Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
  2. you could try ebay and - although they don't post a lot of photos. But ebay is a good place to see images of what you are looking for, however I am sure someone here will be happy to post photos for you.
  3. Hi,

    Welcome to PF, sorry to her about your MC speedy.

    You can check out the pics at visuals thread and PM and GM club for Manhattan GM.
    Why do you want the detail pics?? I think you can see the pics at eluxury ;)
  4. I really just want to see what the interior looks like. Eluxury only has the front view. The store here didnt have one for me to check out and was going to purchase it on Eluxury today but wanted to see first before I purchased it. And all I see on ebay are nasty fakes.
  5. Welcome to tPF! Here is a pic of the interior. I hope this helps.
  6. Thank you soo much LV_addict ! I am sold. Merry Christmas to me!!!! I think I might also go for a wapity and keyholder as well, why not???
  7. Sounds like some great choices you've made there! Enjoy them!:biggrin:
  8. Thanks again!
  9. Congrats on your choice and welcome :smile:
  10. Welcome :smile: and sorry about your MC speedy :sad:
    Hopefully your new LV will make you forget a bit^^