New Luggage piece

  1. I was at the S/S 07 preview show last night at Caesar's Las Vegas. I don't care for this collection at all personally, but I noticed in the look book that there is a new wheeled luggage piece. It is not as structured as a Pegease, but it's similiar to a duffle bag on wheels! I was excited about it because I had been looking at some other soft sided pieces and I think that this is a nice alternative to the keepall ( not that there's anything wrong with these). It's expected to launch April/May 07. Has anyone else seen this in the "Look" book?
  2. I heard about it, but didn't see the pic big is it?
  3. Yes, I saw it today - they had two sizes. Both looked huge.

  4. It comes in two sizes a 50 and a 60. I am assuming that they will be the size of a keepall 50 and 60.
  5. Yes they do, but the great thing about them is that they are on wheels so it doesn't really matter. No straps or heavy bags to carry and it doesn't look too luggage(y)!
  6. I've seen itto looks a little ackward to me
  7. I like it.
  8. ooo..... anyone got a pic?
  9. Did you see any other S/S bags?
  10. sounds similar to the Genesta from the LV Cup 2003 Collection.
  11. Yes I did. I don't care for anything in this collection other than the LVOE tee shirt and LVOE pendant.
  12. Ohh what other bags did you see?? What is the love pendant???
  13. It's a charm that the LV letters are in yellow gold and the OE letters are in white gold. It's limited edition and going to launch in about a month. It's about $2000 USD.
  14. Thanks ... did you see the LoVe tote???
  15. mmmm... me thinks me likes :nuts: