New luggage colors...

  1. in the Signature Stripe:

    the light blue:



    And the Boston Bag comes in this combination as well but not yet on the site.
  2. I really like that..too bad I don't travel that often.
  3. Nice!!
  4. Oooh that is cute!! I would never check it though, it'd get dirty so easily.
  5. I definitely need one of those one day!:love:
  6. It is cute but I would have it really dirty.
  7. i travel A LOT but I dont think I would get that pretty thing as luggage because they just toss those bags onto the plane and i would be so worried about it the entire flight...the boston bag is a big possibility for me (use it as a carry on)
  8. That is HOT! I want it....:smile:
  9. so cute, if i wasn't anal about getting my bags dirty, i would totally get it!

    now if only they made that in the vanity case - punch sig stripe would be SO ideal!
  10. wow, that is sooo cute! Too bad I don't travel as much!
  11. I love it. I want one. And it would go w/ me as carry on's.
  12. I love the boston bag! I'd love to get it some day! I'd be too worried about a bag that I had to check!
  13. I love the Boston Bag too! Too bad it costs as much as it does, for something I wouldn't use all that often.
  14. stophle, I agree! It's way on the bottom of my list. If I'd ever quite buying bags I might manage to buy a boston bag for travel! I don't see that happening any time soon though!
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