New Loves!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 12, 2009
    Hi all! I'm pretty new to the YSL subforum, but recently I have fallen head over heels with these beautiful bags! They are so classic and so well-made, plus they have such good value. I first fell in love with the white Muse, but I went back & forth between the white and the bronze colours. Finally I decided on the white, which is made of veau. Then I saw pics of the Easy and loved how simple and slouchy it looked. I was determined to get one, and I scored one in bronze in the large size! I was a bit anxious because I couldn't tell which size it was, but I'm sooo happy with the size. The Easy arrived today and I am absolutely in love. The colour is divine, the bag is really big (just how I like them!), the bag is light-weight and it's just perfect. I think that I will definitely be spending more time here! Also, a special thanks to tpf'ers for posting in the sale section, which is how I managed to snag my bronze Easy! Btw the Easy is bigger than it looks in the pic, it's just so smooshy that it slouches down!


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  2. Beautiful! The bronze Easy is especially stunning. Glad you are enjoying your YSLs so much. :woohoo:

    Will you do me a favor when you have a chance and post the measurements of the Easy? There's been a lot of confusion about the Easy sizes and I'm trying to sort it all out. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Cosmo! I was very confused about the large size as well, but it's definitely LARGE! When someone mentioned luggage size, they were quite right. The Muse beside it is the O/S. The approximate measurements of the Easy are: 16" W x 11" H x 6" D. They are pretty comparable to the measurements you posted of the new patent Easy. (Which I love, btw.)
  4. ^Hmm, you see, that's even more confusing to me. :nuts: My YSL SA in New York told me there are three Easy sizes--small, medium, and large. And lists these sizes, although sometimes they mislabel their merchandise:

    Small = 9H x 12W x 6D
    Medium = 13H x 15W x 7D
    Large = ??? (they don't list a Large as currently available)

    In any event, I love yours, lol!
  5. I'm pretty sure that they often mislabel small and medium, because I've seen the small and it's VERY small - probably 6" high and 9" wide. It can't fit on the shoulder at all.
  6. ^Yup, I've seen that small one IRL as well, that's what I'm thinking too.
  7. wow, the Easy is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a stunning color!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope you wear it in good health!!!!
  8. The ivory muse looks gorgeous. I've always been partial to the muse in white, I think it's a really stunning color for that shape a bag!

  9. Both your bags are gorgeous! You can almost feel how smooshy the leather is through the screen.
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm very very happy with my new purchases! I am hoping that the Muse will soften a bit more with time, as it's still quite stiff.
  11. Beautiful bags! I also saw your entire collection and it is to die for!!

    One of my faves in your collection is the easy since I have one too. :lol:
  12. Congratulations! Love them both, but the easy is simply stunning. Love the color.
  13. love it!!! i got one too! the ysl saleswoman at the Paris store says the easy only comes in two sizes? i have not seen the mini one at the stores. anyhow, on the label the larger of the bags is labeled medium.
    i too have a muse OS, but in chocolate suede.
  14. Both bags are stunning!
    I love the color of your bronze Easy!
  15. gorgeous! the volcano leather is so lovely.