New Love

  1. Tinhan Medium Hobo in Cardinal Blue lambskin

  2. Did you just get it? Wow, I rarely see one of these on the forum. Beautiful color! I absolutely adore blues. Pls kindly post mod shots. I've never seen one on someone.
  3. aw, such a pretty blue, and i love how they made the g logo the same shade in the front. i dont think i've ever tried the tinhan hobo on before...what's your take?
  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love love love blue! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful bag! Congrats.
  6. Love it!
  7. nice this style discontinued?
  8. Hi i just got it in Hong Kong the other day. It was on sale. Here is a modelling pic

  9. it's a great everyday bag...rests comfortably on my shoulder...the side zips are convenient as i can reach my stuff without having to put the bag down...
  10. thanks
  11.'s a great in on sale in Hong Kong for HK$5825...around US$750
  12. nope it's not discontinued...the one i got was from the F/W 2012 collection
  13. thanks..
  14. Looks like a lg, right? Fantastic price too. Good to know its a great carrier as well.
  15. Its a medium. I stand 5'3"