New Love! Pond Legacy <333

  1. I bought the Pond shoulder tote a few days ago and it is AMAZING! the colour is fantastic, and i love the lining.



    Purse Guts!

    Moleskine Planner
    Scribble Mini Skinny
    Watercolour Cosmetic Case
    Chanel Sunnies
    White tri-fold embossed Wallet

    Next Purchase: black carly!
  2. your embossed wallet is awesome!

    good stuff
  3. I have the same. It is wonderful, isn't it? It's amazing how much it goes with.
  4. i have the pond too and i adore it. congratz on getting one, they're hard-to-find.
  5. "Purse Guts!" <-- haha, love that.

    Pond is such a beautiful color! congrats!
  6. B-E-A-UTIFUL! :drool:
  7. I have this one too!!! I love it. I hope that you love it too!! Congrats!!!
  8. I have this bag too and love it.....great choice.
  9. The pond is so beautiful! It really has grown on me! I also love all of your purse guts!
  10. I really like the pond. It's such a pretty shade
  11. I'm obsessed with my Pond Shoulder bag too!!! I love it so much!!!
  12. Very nice bag!
  13. welcome to the "pond club" I've had mine a few months now and love it more each day.
  14. very nice!
    I love your wallet also.
  15. yay!! congrats she's sooo pretty!