New love of my life!!

  1. :wlae:So I got my Azur Speedy 25 today!! She is "new to me", but she's so new that it's like I bought her at the boutique!! Here's a few pictures! Azur is soooo perfect for summer, I can't wait to carry her around all summer long!
    Azur1 copy (Large).jpg Azur2 copy (Large).jpg Azur3 copy (Large).jpg
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. Congrats! Very fresh for the summer!
  4. I love your new bag!!
  5. That Speedy is beautiful, love Azur:heart:
  6. Beautiful bag! Congrats.
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. stunning, enjoy!
  9. Sooooo pretty. :cutesy:Congrats .
  10. Many congrats!!! It's a beauty!!! What a great summer bag - - - enjoy!
  11. Congrats- you'll look great carrying it this summer!
  12. The azur is awesome! Congrats!
  13. Thanks! It's so light compared to my Epi Speedy, I was surprised!
  14. LOL I already bought a cute skirt that will look great with it!!
  15. congrats ! it looks pretty! love it !