New Love,Gorgeous Beige Clair fresh from Paris

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  1. I've been to a serious bag ban. It's been almost a year since my last purchase ( also it was NON-CHANEL items). I'm glad to get my hands on this beauty..A gift from Mom and Dad who just arrived few hours ago from their business trip in Europe.

    oh, thanks to kim1980 for the ref. code. It tracked the bag easily. It's one of the few pieces left all over Paris according to an S. A. Dad was the one who bought the bag and Mom kept telling me he got the dark beige or the classic beige, I was a bit disappointed thinking they shouldn't have bought it if it was the wrong one,but when I opened the box, it was the right beige i was looking for, the Beige Clair.:yahoo:I was speechless it was stunning.:heart: I'm so happy right now.:yahoo: Enjoy the pix!!
    1.jpg IMG_1908 _2.jpg IMG_1942 _2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. Hi KellyLV, glad you found it! it just so beautiful!!!!! I still have no worn mine! hopefully soon! Enjoy your new bag!! Is that the Large or Jumbo?
  3. oh, more modelling pix;)

    5.jpg 6.jpg
  4. I saw this IRL -it is a beautiful sophiscated bag and looks perfect on u!!!

  5. yup yup, thanks to you. really really a big help.:hugs::heart:
  6. No problem at all!
  7. Congratulations - that is the perfect way to end a ban!! The bag looks gorgeous on you!
  8. Beautiful, and you rock this bag real well :smile: Congrats
  9. it's gorgeous, congrats!!!!! Looks great on you.
  10. I love the color, and it looks great on you.
  11. congrats! its a classic!
  12. Very chic! I love it worn with one long chain!
  13. very pretty! thats the colour i m eyeing at too..hee
  14. absolutely gorgeous! and it looks fantastic on you, congrats!
  15. congrats, the bag look great on you.