New Love Choo!

  1. I'm new to Choo! I love the style! The turquoise bag is beautiful. I want to know about the durability of Jimmy. I have a baby and a little girl who will grab onto my bag. I want something that will endure. Please give me some advice.

  2. Well....I don't think grabbing onto your bag will be a problem as long as their hands are clean. With the exception of the hair bags, most Choos are pretty durable I would say, but as they are rather expensive I baby mine as I think most of the Choo girls here do.
    Oh, and welcome to the Choo forum!!!
  3. :flowers:welcome!.....i am fairly new to choo. i have two bags and find them to be very well made.:yes: i think you'll be fine, but i'd agree with JM, stick to the leathers rather than the hair bags or suede.;) let us know what you decide upon!:tup:
  4. Welcome!

    I have several Choos that have all been wonderful bags - all worth the money :tup: - except for the liquid patent.
    I would stay away from that plus the suede and hair as mentioned above, but other than that you have so many great styles to choose from :smile:
    I LOVE the turquoise - its so beautiful.