New Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Collection (2nd Edition)

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  2. Oh.....I'm so looking forward to this one.
  3. Me too, though I won’t be adding anything from it unfortunately! I really want to see the Monet pieces!
  4. It will be Poussin...i have in fact been offered one item prior to the official launch :amazed:
  5. I think the deal was two collections from the beginning :smile: at least I read that somewhere.

    Loved the first collection so am looking forward to this one :biggrin:
  6. sorry but I think it looks worse than the first collection........
  7. A850698E-3B1E-4AE9-8C10-05E5FF30B94C.jpeg Monet is fabulous
    Love that new bag styles have been added, not just the classics (speedy, keepall & neverfull)
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  8. I actually really like the Boucher Speedy - it looks beautiful and I love the backstory of this particular piece. Very tempted.....
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  9. Monet and Turner....I need a Monet NF! I didn’t see any small goods in this collection so far
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  10. I am also excited to see what they offer in SLGs!
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  11. After admiring a little more I noticed the cinching is on the sides of the Neonoe so I’m wondering how that would work... similar to neverfull or lockme bucket??
  12. I am so excited for this collection! My first ever LV piece was actually the Van Gogh clutch from the first round. :biggrin:
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  13. Wow! Monet Water lilies!! Looks so vibrant on these bags. Went to see the huge paintings over 3 rooms in Paris last month, awesome experience. Glad to see that Koons took such a beautiful vivid section of his work to show on the bags. Not been a fan of Koons collab, but this I do like.