New Louis Vuitton Store Opening (thoughts?)


Dec 13, 2011
A new Louis Vuitton store will be opening in July at one of our local malls (West Edmonton Mall). Ever since I can remember, the LV store remained exclusive in the Holt Renfrew in downtown Edmonton. So for me and maybe others, it always felt special to have an LV bag in our city just because it wasn't as accessible to buy, and therefore, not many others had the same bags.

I noticed when the Coach, MK, and Kate Spade stores had opened in the mall, almost everyone toted one of their bags right away. I know LV is higher end luxury, but would you think this would be the case with the new LV opening? Or because of the high prices, it won't happen as much? What did you notice when a new LV store opened in your area/city?

I'll also be purchasing my 30th birthday gift to myself (Alma BB) in June! (So excited! :biggrin: I can't decide between the mono or DE :whut:) Should I wait for July and buy it at the opening? Just wondering if there would be any perks if buying from a newly open store?

Thanks All! ;)


Dec 13, 2011
If one wants an LV they can easily buy one. Makes no difference wether it’s 5mns or 2hrs away. I don’t think it should be “reserved” for a certain part of town.

I guess I worded it wrong, I didnt mean it that it should stay at one part of town. Just wanted to know if anyone noticed if there was more people wearing LV than ever when a new store opens in their areas.


Dec 27, 2005
I really don’t get how special one would feel to have a LV because there wasn’t a store in the local malls? Anyone can buy LV from numerous places online, LV direct, many luxury department stores. LV is not as special as some people make it out to be. It is just another luxury handbag name with the quality going downhill each year. Look at all the problems with certain bags and production defects.

I would personally want to buy direct from the store now versus 5-10++ years ago because I think there is more of a chance of getting a bag with some defect than a perfect bag. I would wait till the store opens to shop. This way you can inspect it in person. Usually when there is a LV store location opening there are many luxury brands already in the mall or location so to me it makes no difference since people will buy brands they like and are not going to switch to other brands because a store just opened.

Good luck on finding the perfect bag.


Aug 29, 2012
I’m happy there is a store coming to West Ed. I hate driving downtown so I actually do most of my shopping online or my SA send it to me.

People can get the bags anywhere (online, through an SA or Holt’s) so I don’t think you’ll see a ton more. Truthfully I wish we would see more m, I hardly ever see them and I don’t even think many people know what they are.

As for waiting, I don’t think I would, just because you never know when a price increase will happen. It wont be any different to buy at Holts vs West Ed other than if you are like me and hate driving downtown.
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Jan 21, 2013
I don't think geographic accessibility will drive up the amount of locals buying Vuitton to the point of the brand being much more ubiquitous than it is now. People who can afford to spend a (subjectively) ridiculous amount of money on a bag, can afford to travel to places that have LV boutiques, or shop online (and isn't Edmonton's household income one of the highest in the country?).

I get your gripe; I was bummed years ago when Topshop first opened in The Bay and then its own store, because it was a brand I could only get in the US or abroad, so it seemed more "special" and exclusive. But ultimately, I never saw anyone wearing the same clothes as me, and Topshop is way more accessibly priced than Vuitton! :biggrin:
Oct 10, 2012
I think anyone who really wanted LV would just order it online (if the store wasn't as accessible to her/him), so I wouldn't worry about a large increase in the number of people sporting LV bags. Do you have an SA that you love working with at the current location? If not, buying your Alma from the new store would be a great way to find an SA and start establishing a relationship. Just a thought, as I find different locations to have different "vibes" in terms of the salespeople.
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Aug 3, 2014
A strange thread. :huh:
Louis Vuitton closes underperforming stores and opens new ones all the time. I don’t think your city will be flooded with Louis Vuitton because the company is opening a new store. People can buy online anytime.


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
I saw no difference when the one in Calgary opened. Lots of people were carrying LV before then, they are still today. Tbh the standalone store isn’t that special, I wish the in Holt Renfrew remained since that was just a few blocks from my office. Nothing will ever compare to a flagship store! I personally would not wait for a store opening to get my bag, but I’ve been buying LV for so long I don’t really care about the “experience” anymore (just that the bag is in stock and in good shape!)