New Louis Vuitton Spring 2006 Limited Edition Monogram Perforated Collection!!

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Do you like the new Perforated Monogram Collection??

  1. Love it!

  2. Hate it!

  3. Indifferent (blah).

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Louis Vuitton has officially launched its new Special Edition Collection, girls!!

    Yummy, yummy.:love: :love:

    new louis v.jpg

    go to to see entire collection!!

    What do you think?
  2. i'm actually kinda debating the pochette (in orange) and the wallet (in pink) i saw a quick glance of it yesterday at the LV store..
  3. You are soo lucky! I live in Texas and every boutique has a waiting list for this collection.
  4. Went into my local LV store at the mall last night to check it out....In my opinion, I thought it was very ugly. My hairless cat might look kind of cool in it though. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  5. I think the only item I like is the key and change holder (with the green background). But is it worth the $200-something price? Given that it's essentially the same monogram pochette cles, except that it's been attacked by a hole-puncher...

    Should I buy it?
  6. I can't help but think its tacky :sick: . I can't get into the perforated bags for anything.
  7. I have to disagree with you guys and say that if anyone was going to do the perforated bags with class, it was going to be Louis Vuitton. I'm totally digging the bags, especially the Fuschia Demi-Lune item; it will be a great piece for any LV collector!!
  8. I love the perforated bags especially the Musette and the Demi Lune. I'm on the waiting list.... sighhh
  9. urgh! dun like it! sorry!
  10. Love the Musette
  11. "a hole-puncher"???? tsk. tsk. tsk. it!!:nuts:
  12. I'm indifferent, have to see more of them in person. I've seen the pochette and the small goods...but not too impressed yet.
  13. It really looked tacky in person. Even the sales asso. said so...whats next LV tie dye??????????????????
  14. What's next? Probably Michael Jackson "Thriller" jackets.
    Remember those?
  15. LOL..that's great..I remember being so envious of my friend cause she had one of those jackets...can't say I want one of these LV's offense to anyone they just aren't calling to me!