New Louis Vuitton made out of trash bags?!

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  1. That's the Besace. Comes out this Spring!

    I love it. Looks quirky! Looks like it's made out of what they use for the Surya, which is a shiny patent leather.
  2. OMG I would never buy that
  3. Not my style, but I bet if Rhianna carried this it would look hot!
  4. lol. its not my style either
  5. Hate it lol
  6. LOL.. wow can we say YUCK ...
  7. i've seen this before. i hate it. hideous. i almost think it's an experiment to see if ppl will carry anything as long as it's lv. i mean, seriously, it's a garbage bag.
  8. It is definitely not my style...
  9. Yeah there are photos of it in the ref. section... It UGLY
  10. Not my thing either...I also think some head guy at LV was like: "Hey! I bet people would carry LV even if it looked like a garbage bag!"

    No thanks :nogood:
  11. $2000?!?!??! I can get the same look (if I wanted to) at King Kullen for 20 cents! :lol: My SA told me there's actally a wait list for this...

  12. :roflmfao: Probably exactly what they were thinking
  13. No thanks!!!:nuts:
  14. I would never buy it!
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