New Louis Vuitton from the Runway

  1. Thanx..

    some pieces looks like Balenciaga bags..I would never thought it's LV, especially this one unless I see that louis vuitton stamp near the pocket.

  2. What make you think she's a reputable seller especially for LV ?

    Not too sure about the authenticity of the bag..
  3. well awhile ago she sold a Louis Vuitton keepall and shes sold LV before. Ive been studying LV for awhile after being in touch with Carol Ives of Mypoupette and she allways gives me the best tips.
  4. i love the leather it looks soooo nice!
  5. LV is changing their look for Spring 2007. I will have to see it when it comes out in stores.
  6. I like the floral one but I'm surprise that you found these pics. Any more pics?
  7. no sorry :sad:
  8. If I remember correctly these are for Men's nor Women''s been on the website for a while now...
  9. I gotta say, I'm not too impressed.:sad:
  10. i am very pleased they don't do terribly trendy or outrageous designs for us men. except for those Hawaii 5-0 printed bags. it is great that they're giving that distressed leather a go. i can have my Balenciaga and LV in the one bag. i've already told my SA im interested in these two:

  11. it looks like everyone is doing the distrssed leather this season!
  12. yeah, i think those are for men, i like the floral one though.
  13. Eh. Don't really like them..