New Louis Vuitton Framboise colour

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  1. Hello all - I really like this forum!:P
    Does anyone know if Louis Vuitton is bringing out new style bags in the Monogram Vernis in their new colour "Framboise"? I know they will have it in the Houston and the Reade PM but I'm hoping they will bring out some new styles too??
    Thanks ladies!
  2. What type of color is the Framboise?
  3. It's a sort of rose/pink - not as bright as the fuschia they had but much darker than the marshmallow. Sorry - sounds a bit confusing:wacko: I don't think anywhere has pics yet, I seen a wallet in this colour in the store.
  4. I haven't seen any new shapes yet, you should keep on checking as they'd update their new line faster than elux.
  5. Thanks, Ayla. That's the framboise, not the fuchsia?
  6. Yep, fuchsia is from several seasons ago, and the only place to get it now is eBay for outrageous prices.
  7. Framboise is French for 'raspberry'.
  8. wow that colour is bright!!
  9. That's not the framboise, I think it's the fuschia. The framboise is much dustier and less cool toned.
  10. Yeah, looks like the fuscia. The new color is more pinky :biggrin: I like it but it didn't really blow me away. My SA was telling me that it really grows on you though.
  11. I saw the papillon (Bedford) and the pouchette (lexington) in Framboise one LV store in Paris, it's gorgeous!!!!

    According to the french LV online store they also seems to make the houston and the Reade Pm in Framboise

    Here's a pict from the French online store
  12. The framboise houston is purrrrty! :biggrin:
  13. i LOVE the new framboise! i just picked up the bedford and the pochette cles in the framboise.
    i was very sad when they disco'd fuschia and i never got to get my hands on anything! so when they came out with this color, i was first in line! LOL
    the frambosie is actually nicer than the fuschia, the fuschia is suited to the "younger" crowd. framboise should last me awhile longer hehe..the online photos do not do this color justice! its gorgeous!