New Louis Vuitton Evora MM & PM

  1. I was browing through LV website and saw this bag. Was it just released? It came in the damier ebene and azur. What do you guys think of this? It's quite expensive too.
  2. I just noticed this bag today and really liked it... until I saw the price :tdown: Such a shame that it's so expensive, otherwise it might have ended up on my wishlist.
  3. There is a reveal on this bag on the main page and a discussion thread on the main thread on the price - many felt that the price is steep.
  4. They are quite large too so it depends on if you're a big bag type of person. There's no small size, only medium and large.
  5. I love the stock photo

    but, when I saw the reveal pics..... meh.
    I don't like the shape and it looks uncomfortable to carry. It doesn't look a as comfortable as Totally.
  6. I love this style and actually would be perfect and practical for me to carry to work or on rainy days (instead of leather). I am not loving the price. It's way over priced, IMHO.
  7. I'm loving this bag but I'm not in love. My hubby wants to get me a new bag next year and this one is in the running but the price is a little scary. My mono speedy is in for repair and I think I need an upgrade. Any suggestions????
  8. a great looking bag.
  9. well im a crazy kind of person for not liking and never buying any LV ever in my life, untill i was in Milan and saw the Evora large size in damier azur ...i think it is just perfect for me for spring time i got it and very very happy. Im 5.8 tall though so the large size is ok with me but i guess it wont look good for anybody as it is very big. So this is my first LV ever and probably would be my last as im not very fond of LV bags but this one i like it a lot it is very chic and it closes with zipper which is helpful. Another practical detail is the outside zipper pocket. The price is to consider as well.
  10. Evora is a great bag. Yes, it is expensive but damier ebene will last forever. There is one on eBay right now in MM size. Check it out if you want to see a better view of the bag.
  11. I can't seem to see this listing?!
  12. I think you might have to type out Louis vuitton instead of LV. I am not sure what you did. Anyway, it's a gorgeous bag and it's the most beautiful damier bag I have ever seen. Do you agree?