New Louis Vuitton Crossbody Exclusively Online-Blanche BB

  1. Just got an email from LV. I am usually a canvas fan but love the look of this bag. Thoughts? Capture9.JPG
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  2. I hollered! At first glance it looks very versatile — and nice price. Jumped on here to see what anyone else thought so look forward to other replies!
  3. I love it! It looks very beautiful. It reminds me of another variation of the PM.
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  4. It’s beautiful; I absolutely adore it in black. I can’t really tell how it closes though; if a skinny strap has to be fed through a little loop that would be a deal-breaker for me. Hopefully that’s just decorative.
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    From the pics online , the strap connects to the top handle ends.
  6. it’s nice, but i curious to know why its only online. does that mean people can order and try it on at home? I hope the return process is seamless, but perhaps this is the direction LV would like to head in for the future
  7. Wow I like this one. Didn't know they do online exclusives wonder if this is a new thing.
  8. I got the email also. Love the look of this bag from the pictures but I’m always hesitant to order on line without seeing it in person first.
  9. I read an article saying that Gucci's online traffic was way ahead of any luxury brand. Maybe LV is trying to steer people to go online more with this kind of exclusive online method?
  10. I ordered this one last night as soon as it the website in black. I really wanted the pink one too but maybe I will get it later if I love it as much as I think I will. I love how elegant it looks. Leather strap with chain combo is just beautiful! I am picking it up in my local store in four days since it is only 15 minutes away! Can’t wait!
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  11. I did get the email too, but didn't notice till a little bit ago. Thank goodness for TPF! It was showing 'call for availability' so I called CS and I was able to pre-order. The rep I spoke to said that the black will launch on the 15th. I guess I was too late for the first batch but I'm so excited that I didn't miss out yet. So excited to get my new bag! :yahoo:
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  12. How do you get to get it so soon?
  13. That closure just reminds me of a door knock.
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  14. Lol. That's what my DH said too! :lol: But it's still a little different at least. It's just a smaller version of the Blanche shoulder bag. I think it looks nice anyway.
  15. A lot of brands do online exclusives to generate traffic on their website and relieve their physical store from more inventory.
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