New Louis Vuitton cabas world shopper mm/blue

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  1. so ladies.... what do you feel/think about this bag?

    i bought one a week ago..... not too sure if i should keep it.

    thinking obsessively about the paddy
  2. Photos?
  3. ok, i need to learn how to post pictures..... will definitely learn to post pictures. tomorrow!
  4. try use the =]
  5. here's a pic:
  6. I can't say I like it very much, but to each their own. I feel like the huge patch on the front screams "I'm advertising for Mr. Vuitton here, just so you know!" The paddy I find a much more appealing choice because it's leather and therefore more durable, very beautiful, and more classic than this bag posted above.
  7. Well, it's a cute bag, but I would spend the money elsewhere..
  8. Sorry ... I'm not a fan of that LV. I would make an investment in a different LV, but that's JMO.
  9. I LOVE this bag. There was a thread on this bag in the Blog Entry section. Not many here like it so I'm in the minority. This is on my "To Buy" list this season. Its reminicient of the old LV patches which I think gives it "old" look especially on canvas. I say keep it. (If you like it). ;)
  10. Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Cringe!
  11. I saw that in person. Not for me either. Its canvas and I don't think it will hold up well over time. I would invest $$$ on something else too.
  12. i like it, i don't understand why everyone with the mono canvas bags thinks that this is such a shameless advertisement. everyone recognizes the LV mono, even from far away, but many fewer people would recognize this as an LV bag unless they got to reading it. i like it quite a bit, actually.
  13. I would return it and put the money towards a paddy. I like the canvas bag, but it's more of something that I'll just ebay when other people get tired of theirs. ;)
  14. I love it. Keep it! The paddy is a beautiful bag but everyone wants/is getting/or has one, dare to be different. In a couple years you'll look back and be glad that you bought this bag becasue it won't be made anymore, and that is a truly limited edition bag:smile:
  15. I like it, but they are expensive -- I wonder if Ayla's right, that they are the kind of thing that could be picked up on ebay later? So hard to know whether to gamble with this sort of thing..