New Louis Vuitton ad campaign, spring/summer 2008

  1. [​IMG]



    (thanks to moussemaker)
  2. pretty:tender:
  3. Thanks for sharing some eye candy! :drool:
  4. Ooh, what's the name of the bag on the second picture?

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. same old same old vuitton ads are all starting the same each year
  6. ^^^ lol...They do look vaguely familiar.
  7. Yeah, I am not good with remembering these things but at least the pose of the models seems to be familiar. But the bags are new, or am I wrong?
  8. Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Krouse, Eva Herzagova, Stephanie Seymour & Naomi again.

    Doutzen is fresh and new in their campaigns and im eyeing the bag.

    thanks for the pics x
  9. they need to hire a new ad director or whatever.. god
  10. ^ i agree! the photos looks fantastic, but Mert & Marcus are definitely running out of ideas now. i think its time to find a new photographer and stylist.

    btw, notice how they alternate between celebrity and professional models every year?
  11. :tdown:

    Lots of colours coming up this season, and they apparently picked that up. Other than that, it's the same old.
  12. Is that still the pomme colour or the new vernis colour in the sunset ad?
  13. eh. I do like the bag in the second pic, though. Anybody know what it is?
  14. ^^^ Yeah I really like the second bag too! Seems like the perfect casual shoulder bag-type ive been looking for...
  15. the yellow bag is cute...