New Louis or vacation? ...the decsion is MINE! Help!

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  1. So I am getting my quarterly bonus at work and I've spent my last 4 bonuses on bags (3 Guccis, 2 L.V's...all in the past 8 months!)

    This time around I thought it would be nice to take my dbf on vacation. He just got a new (great!) job and he's been working long hours lately. I recently took a 2 week trip to Cali and Vegas with my best friend, while dbf had to work. We haven't gone away since Valentines Day (we've travelled recently for a work thing for him- shopping trip for me lol) I thought I would take my dbf on a little trip (South Beach or Ft Lauderdale). I was thinking of an extended Labour Day weekend (leave Friday return on the Tuesday)so he would only have to miss 2 days of work (he's a site supervisor- so he has to be there)
    Unfortunately, the spring/summer/fall is his busy season so we couldn't go anywhere for longer and even those two days off are going to be a stretch bc he's new (been there almost 3 months) and his vacation days don't kick in. My bonus would cover most travel expenses but dbf says he's going to rent us a great car down there, pay for $ to a suite and take me out to some hot nightspots (he doesn't like it when I pay).

    So what would you gals do. Dbf is hesitant to book and look forward to it bc it IS hurricane season (but our travel insurance would cover it).

    Dbf says its MY money and even joked "babe you already have 15 purses...are you SUREE you don't need a new one?" LoLoL

    What should I do?

    (Oh and btw- keep in mind I dunno exactly what bag I want...maybe a Galleria? Hampstead? MC Speedy? And my next big bonus would be around mid November)
  2. I would go on vacation with DBF! seems like he's been working hard and you both deserve this little vacation. Go and have a great time! you can always buy a bag later..
  3. Hmm.... Hurricane season... lol since he's being hesitant... Why not let him save up more time off and have a more relaxing and l onger trip then?
    In the mean time you can treat yourself to a new accessory or a SLG? :yes:

    Good luck!
  4. I would buy a bag. It seems like he would more injoy the trip when he is less hesitant to take time off.
  5. I would take the vacation, the purse can wait!
  6. VACATION! something for you both to enjoy :smile: it sounds like he deserves it and plus, you always have other bonuses to buy bags with!
  7. I always pick the bag. Something I will have for years or forever.
  8. Vacation sounds great to recharge!
  9. I would get a bag, he just started the new job I would take the vacation at a later day when he could be away for a week or two.
  10. For one thing, if u treats something good to him, i am sure he will remember that he will treat something good back to you in return, unless he is a heartless bastard. So, i think it would be nice to do something good to him like pamper him with a vacation where you both can enjoy times together and relax. I agree that bags will be always there; if they are out of production, there will always be new ones that u want. I think nothing can replace the joy, memory, and times you two will spend together.
  11. Dan21cen is completely right! There's no contest between a bag and the memories you'd make on a vacation. The vacation wins hands down!
  12. vacation because time with a loved one is much btr than a purse!
  13. Most definitely a vacation....I'd take a vacation over a bag any day. If you don't really want another bag badly at the moment why not take off for a few days? I don't know about anyone else but if it weren't for vacations I think I'd go I say "Vacay" :beach:
  14. Vacation
  15. well a vacation would be great if the timing was perfect but in this case it seems like there are more negatives for the vacation ei. hurrican season, not enough time off work, bf just started job, etc.
    for that reason it seems like its not the best timing for a vacation. i would either use to money for a new bag OR save the money and go on vacation in a few months when he can take more time off work, you know the wheather will be good, and you both are looking forward to it and are not hesitant.