New Louboutins!

  1. Congratulations! I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and what a beautiful color.
  2. aww these are really cute. and they already protected them to boot! nice find!
  3. wow what a score! those are awesome!
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  4. those are beautiful, very nice :smile:
  5. Pretty!
  6. Yup! The fact that the seller protected the soles means that the money I would've spent on protecting the sole is now spent on shipping. :amuse:
  7. Putting rubber soles on your shoes is the BEST investment that you could ask for. I do it to EVERY SINGLE pair of leather soled shoes I own.
  8. what a beauty!!!:huh:
    and it was definitely a steal!!!:yahoo:
  9. They're beautiful shoes, congratulations. Please post piccies when they arrive!
  10. They are special and very beautiful.
  11. great deal!!!! congrats.
  12. what a great deal and they're GORGEOUS!! too bad i didn't see them! they are my size too!
  13. She says these are New, but did she have them resoled? I don't recall at Louboutins coming with a rubber-type pad that covers the red sole.

    Oh well, it doesn't detract from the shoe. Congratulations! Pretty shoes!
  14. pretty shoes and a great price. Doesnt come much better than that :biggrin: